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Company structure

Each company structure is crucial for the future development of the work.

For us, the key to success is working together and choosing the right partners with whom to build trust with each other and together to create a working structure that is of particular interest to the client. For this reason, we are constantly looking for businesses suitable for our business to share our services with.

FH Cash Express Services offers Western Union® services in the country by building a structure of different business partners, which includes: financial institutions, exchange bureaus and legal entities registered under the Commercial Law (for example: travel agencies, insurance agents, couriers, mini marketers, bookstores, internet providers, etc.). We strive to be accessible everywhere in your daily routine so that you can easily and easily find a place to make your money transfer.

We monitor the financial needs of our clients and try to satisfy them so that we not only retain our current customers, but also offer Western Union services in places where we can attract new clients. Expanding the network of partners within the country is a task that is constantly facing us. Today you can now find Western Union services in more than 1900 locations in 180 cities in the country, but tomorrow they will be more!

The joint work of Cash Express and Western Union is built on mutual efforts and constant work in the name of fast, reliable and convenient service. We are constantly developing contact with customers so that they feel free to seek us out when they need us. For this reason, apart from being at one of the dealerships, each of you can find qualified help at the customer service center telephone.

The selection of Cash Express business partners offering Western Union services and regularly changing workflows reflects our goals and strategies that underpin our customer satisfaction.