Vision | Cash Express Service


Thanks to the mutual work of Western Union, Cash Express and our partners, for many years we have been able to provide our customers with fast, convenient and reliable opportunities for the execution of their chosen money transfer services:

  • Fast - in just a few minutes - the receiver you have selected can take the money as soon as you receive the receipt and the transfer control number from the employee to the office. We are here in case of emergencies and situations where a timely response is important.
  • Convenient - always close to you - the extensive network of Western Union partnering partners, which spans over 180 cities and villages with over 550 locations, allows us to be at your fingertips all the time. We make sure you always feel close to your loved ones and secure in your finances.
  • Reliable - many years of experience - we realize this vision through a network of hundreds of locations, constantly evolving technologies and clean relationships with our partners. Changes occurring in our structure are always the result of feedback from our users, which is of major importance to us.

We allow you to choose quality and safety and not compromise your money transfers. It's important to know where your money is going, and the years of trust between us and our partners and the transparency of the process give you the opportunity to trust us fully.

Over the years, our shared knowledge and experience allow us to know and be close to our trustors. Thanks to many years of shared work together and the successes in the field, we have been able to build a well-functioning system through which Western Union services can reach you seamlessly. We are constantly responding to the changing financial needs of our customers, so that we continue to be there for them at important times. For us the main priority is satisfied customers.