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Money transfer from abroad to Bulgaria

Go to the nearest location of Western Union. Give a valid ID. Tell the employee the moey transfer number (MTCN), the destination country, amount, sender's name. The employee will check the ID, as well as the information in the system of Western Union. After the payment of the transfer you will recieve id, copy of the receipt and the money.

The opportunities we provide at Western Union

The opportunities we provide at Western Union extend far beyond Bulgaria. Money transfer from abroad to the country of origin is the most used service with the highest percentage of transfers, and the reason for this is the quick and quality satisfaction of our clients' needs all over the world. Western Union has over 500,000 offices in various locations around the globe, located in the smallest villages, allowing us to be close to the people who rely on us, no matter where they are. Transfers sent from abroad to be received in Bulgaria are performed in a few easy steps and do not take your time. Go to an office that offers Western Union services and in just a few minutes the money will be on the way to your loved ones at home. The main purpose of money transfers from abroad to Bulgaria is to help relatives and friends for everyday expenses and for improving the quality of life. We offer you the freedom to manage your money everywhere, so that they always reach your loved ones quickly. Western Union strives to meet every financial need of its clients, so we give you the opportunity to transfer larger amounts of money to buy a property, car, etc. We guarantee the security of our information and the efficiency of our work. Do not hesitate to seek assistance in case of urgent need for long-distance money transfer to Bulgaria. At your disposal is a competent staff member who will, if necessary, answer all your inquiries on the specified customer service telephone. Money transfer from abroad to Bulgaria via Western Union is a constantly evolving service, so that our trustees have access to the opportunities we offer, wherever they are.

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