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Money transfer via mobile application

Download the mobile application of Western Union. Enter your personal data, destination country, amount, reciever''s name, current telephone number. Up to 24 hours visit the nearest location of Western Union. The transfer will be sent after you give the employee the telephone number you entered in the application, your ID and the amount. After you recieve your documents and a copy from the receipt with money transfer number (MTCN) notify the reciever.

Transaction initiated by the mobile application is a new possibility . . .

At Western Union, we strive to continuously evolve so that the services we provide can meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our mobile phone apps are taking care of more and more aspects of our lives and we should not underestimate them. For this reason, you can now start your money transfer in just a few clicks on your smartphone. All you have to do is download our mobile application offering Western Union services and enter the information required there, similar to that provided locally at one of our representatives' offices: names, personal information, address and etc. We guarantee the protection of all personal information requested by Western Union in connection with the translation. For security reasons, of the money and information you provide, the maximum amount possible to send via the Western Union mobile application is 1800 BGN. When using this service, the fee does not vary, as with other money transfers, but is a fixed amount of 6, 90 BGN To complete the translation, ie. the data must be correctly processed and the money arrives at the recipient, it is necessary for the client to go to the office of one of our representatives and pay the amount of his choice in cash at the cashier. No need to re-enter information, which saves you time and effort. Transaction initiated by the mobile application is a new possibility provided by Western Union to further facilitate your remittances within and outside the country. Meeting your financial needs is a top priority for our development. Use your smartphone and be assured that your money will reach the destination you want quickly and seamlessly. Western Union's mobile application is developed by proven industry experts, allowing it to take care of your remittances in the best way.

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