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Due to its huge scale, Western Union handles over 130 currencies from around the world. This allows us to be close to all people at the same time, satisfying financial needs of all kinds, but it also presents us with many challenges on a daily basis. The currencies in which money can be sent and received in any country are set out in the Western Union Terms of Use and can be easily found on our site.

It is accepted that unless otherwise agreed, the transfers are paid in the local currency (issued by the national bank in each country, for Bulgaria - this is BGN). Otherwise, the translation processing institution has the right to convert at its current exchange rate and even refuse to transfer the money. The money exchange rate is current at the time of transfer confirmation in the Western Union system. It is important to note that in some countries, due to the provisions of local law, the actual exchange rate being monitored is the one at the time of payment. Any difference between the exchange rates remains in favor of Western Union (and in some cases in favor of its agents) in addition to the translation fee. There are countries where only alternative currencies (eg US dollars) are traded, not local ones.

We send one currency and get another?

However, international transfers do not always have a correspondence between the currency of the sender and that of the consignee, and sometimes there is no similarity between the two countries around a common currency. In these cases, the amount of the transfer can be determined in two ways according to your requirements: in your currency (in the role of the sender) or its specific equivalence in the currency of the receiving country. Often, the value you are asked to pay, the exchange rate as well as your unfamiliarity with foreign currency often determine this decision.

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