Mobile application of Western Union | Cash Express Service

Western Union launches a new service for its customers, called WU AIR, or "Money transfer started via Western Union mobile application"

A client wishing to send a Western Union money transfer with a fee of BGN 6.90 must:
- Download the Western Union app from the App Store or Google Play;
- register by creating your online account - it is possible to use the service without registering, ie as a "guest", but in this case it will not be able to save the details of the transactions and use them for future transactions;
- prepare the money transfer in the annex following the appropriate steps: choose the country for which it orders the transfer, indicate the amount, indicate how the recipient takes the money, add the recipient's data, select the type of document with which he will prove his identity, confirm the transfer;
- visit a Western Union office to pay in cash - the amount he wants to send + a flat fee of $ 6.90.

A client can send a money transfer, initiated through the application, up to 1800 / thousand and eight hundred / BGN.

A customer who initiates a cash transfer through the application has 24 hours to visit a Western Union office to pay in cash and complete the transaction. After this period, the transfer is canceled.

The Western Union service - "Make money transfer initiated through a mobile application" can also be used by a client who is to receive a money transfer.
In this case, the client starts paying the money transfer through the application, and then visits the Western Union office, where the transfer is finally paid by the representative and the client receives in cash the amount sent to him.