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Money transfer to bank account

Go to the nearest location of Western Union. Give a valid ID. Tell the meployee the amount, destination country, reciever''s name, IBAN and the name of the bank. After sending the transfer you will recieve your ID and a copy from the receipt with money trasnfer number (MTCN). Call the reciever and tell that up to 72 hours the amount will be deposited in bank account.

Western Union has a variety not only of destinations to and from which you can send and receive money transfers

Western Union has a variety not only of destinations to and from which you can send and receive money transfers, but also in the ways in which you can transfer them. When making a money transfer, we allow you to facilitate the recipient you choose by transferring the amount directly into his bank account. By improving and creating such opportunities, we are committed to making the hectic everyday life of urban people easy and hassle-free. Our trustees do not hesitate and often take advantage of this service. As a facilitator, this service allows you to fill in the gaps of pending monthly obligations, transfer rents, loans, fees or other financial burdens easily and in just a few minutes without wasting your time in boring queues. Western Union allows you to please a loved one at home or abroad by directly transferring the amount to his or her account without having to visit any of the offices offering our services. It is possible to make a money transfer directly to a bank account if the respondent party - the recipient and his bank account - are from a country in which the service is offered. If you are unfamiliar with or have not been provided with advance information, you will easily find one of our more than 550 offices in the country where you can always seek help from a qualified professional. Fees for providing this service start at BGN 10 and vary with the amount you transfer. The information you will require from an employee is the same as other transfers to an office, with the only difference being that the IBAN of the other party is required here. Without further instructions and orders, the funds are received directly into the beneficiary's bank account. As with other services, we try to please our customers with speed at work here. In most cases, it takes between one and two business days to process and deliver the wire transfer to your bank account.

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